Notifia Social Proof and Automated Growth Hacking Software

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Do you have website? Looking for more conversion and engagement from visitors?

How we want to show the visitors that our website has good rating in their view?

Luckily Notifia can help you. 

About Notifia

Notifia is a simple and easy to use marketing tool that comes with 20+ features. The apps make it easy to increase leads, opt-ins and website sales in as little as 24-hours. This is the complete marketing solution for your business growth.

It covers the 5 key metrics that lead to growth including;

  1. Acquisition
  2. Activation
  3. Revenue
  4. Retention
  5. Referrals
  6. Feedback

    Automated Growth Hacking Toolkit

    1. Conversion Feed
    2. Email Collection
    3. Conversion Summary
    4. Call to Action
    5. Call Back Widget
    6. Full-Screen Takeover
    7. Lead Collector
    8. Email Collection Bar
    9. Special Offer Announcement
    10. Profile Card
    11. Product Promotion Card
    12. Spin to Win
    13. Reviews Promotion


    1. Notification Bar
    2. Automated Messages
    3. Welcome Bar
    4. Exit Intent Survey
    5. Large Call to Action
    6. Triggered Notification
    7. Coupon Code Popup
    8. Coupon Bar
    9. Lead Magnet
    10. Triggered Video
    11. Blog Promotion


    1. Upsell Customers
    2. Failed Payment Notifications


    1. Churn Reduction


    1. Content Locker
    2. Refer a Friend
    3. Click to Tweet
    4. Social Share Widget
    5. Share Bar


    1. NPS Scores
    2. Feedback Collection
    3. Exit Intent Survey
    4. Emoji Feedback

    Increase Your Conversion and Sale to 10% with Notifia Social Proof Software

    Looking for Notifia Trial?

    Notifia Social Proof and Automated Growth Hacking Software
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    Increase conversion, leads and sale with Notifia Social Proof. Automated growth hacking tool with 1 year trial with over 30 apps software.

    Price: 59

    Price Currency: USD

    Operating System: SaaS

    Application Category: Social Proof

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