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facebook marketing software

FB Automate

Facebook marketing automation software. Get more than 10 app to maximize your conversion and sale in FB page.


XFunnels Personal

Create faster landing page with build-it page builder. Growth more lead and sale with huge integration features.



Grow your email list by collecting verified emails with social opt-in links. grow your mailing list with easy-to-use opt-in links, no coding or tedious setup required


Keyword Atlas

Generate keyword from 21 different online source website. The software can give you long tail keyword result with fast and custom filter tools.


MailPoet  Plugin

Newsletter WordPress plugin with 25,000 Subscribers with MailPoet sending service or use Amazon SES. Design your email with drag and drop page builder built-in.
* 1 Email/website only.



Effortless image resizing, optimization and CDN delivery. Make your site fully responsive and really fast. Claim your startup package with 1-year subscription


Website Auditor

WebSite Auditor will run technical SEO analysis and on-page optimization and quickly reveal any possible issues that affect your search engine rankings.



Access 1 year trial subscription over 20 apps widget social proof and FOMO. Get marketing tools, plugin and pop-ups to convert, engage and retain website visitors.



Influencer marketing is a great way to get the word out and create social proof for your business. But hunting for the right influencers is exhausting.


SEO SpyGlass

Track, analyze, and replicate competitor backlinks to boost with SEO SpyGlass by SEO Powersuite. You can easily handle one of the major SEO tasks — backlink research.

Claim All SaaS Marketing Partner Deals

Boost your agency or business with our extra SaaS program. Claim all available deals below powered by our partner.


HotJar Heatmap

Website visitor tracking by HotJar. Uncover insight and make the right changes to your site user experience.



Get 6 months free on the monthly premium plan (150,000 email/months). Boost your email marketing with a built-in email builder plus SMTP enable.


10% Off Deals

Get extra 10% off for every current and future deals at LifetimeDeal. Valid within active memberships with unlimited redeem.



An insightful audit of your website’s quality for better performances. An insightful audit of your website’s quality for better performances. Dozens of optimization tips. Automatic, easy, effective.



Get first 100K revenue without charge. Start your subscription product start-up now. Integrate payment gateway, setup for recurring payment and invoiced to client.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Subscriber will get special code to redeem at our website. 

  1. Go the lifetimedeal.net/saas-memberships/
  2. Choose your product and checkout using redeem code.
  3. Product access will be given at “work Desk” page. Please login dashboard.

Membership will be activated in 1 year with auto renewal subscription.

You can cancel memberships for the next year.

SaaS account will be activated for 1 year, base on your subscription. If you subscribe membership on Feb 1, 2020, and redeem SaaS on April 1, 2020, the expired account base on SaaS activation.

Even your memberships expired, your SaaS still can used.

The system provides a redemption code for each user which needs to be redeemed within 1 year membership. After 1 years, the code will be invalid.

You will still have access to your profile and product history. Membership cancellation will not affect your trial accounts.

Most offers that are listed are available for new customers only. A very few of them can be used by current customers. You can have have this info on each partner’s page.

Please contact us here

You will get private/personal account. You can change your password, create you profile without sharing with other party.

We offer 14-day money back guarantee. Once your code has been unlocked, the membership is non-refundable. Cancellations after unlocking code similarly can not be partially refunded either.

The system provides redemption for 1 product request only, mean you cannot request same product to activate.

Based on my experience, account renewals discount works the best as users know their next step and they won’t hunt for other deals. However, it’s totally optional.